How To Grow A Beard Faster

A thick full facial hair is a symbol of masculinity and ruggedness. Growing a thick full beard demands patience and persistence. The how to grow a beard fasterrate at which human hair grows depends on the levels of testerone and genetics. The levels of testerone and genetics are entirely nature controlled. Don’t panic, if you want to grow a beard faster, you are at the right place. Here I am going to show you how to do it.

Although the rate at which your beard grows is not solely in your control, you can do some tweaks and tricks to hasten it.

The first step in growing a beard is actually deciding to get one. It requires one to be determined and very persistent.
It is very important to ensure that you get enough sleep so as to help your body refresh and relax which is vital for the growth of hair and other body tissues. Stress is a known cause of hair loss and slow hair growth through a process known as telogen effluvium. Make sure you reduce stress and completely avoid stressors when you are growing your beard.
The next thing you have to do is to get yourself in excellent health by eating right and supplementing your healthy diet with the recommended vitamins and minerals.
You need to eat right because the condition of your beard and other facial hair is relative to the health of your whole body. High protein foods like fish, beans and eggs are highly recommended. Supplements like biotin, beta-coretene, flax seed oil, vitamin B,C and vitamin E are essential aids to beard growth.


This is actually vitamin B7.Biotin is famous for quick hair growth. Its main natural source is the egg York but it is readily available packaged in capsules and pills. 2.5mg of biotin daily will work the magic for your beard. External use of biotin does not work because biotin is only for internal use, so ignore products like biotin shampoo and soap because they do not work and stick on pills and capsules.


This is also known as minoxidil, it is quick facial hair growth drug available in the market. It is an over the counter drug readily available as pills or foam. Rogaine is medically tested and it has been found to hasten hair growth by a greater level. It will make your beard grow faster and thicker within 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, it has some side effects like itching and irritation and for this reason it is not recommended for those with allergies.

The beard will take 4-5 weeks to grow so be patient and ready to endure the itching that comes with hair growth. Don’t be quick to shave your beard, resist the urge to shave and only trim where extremely necessary. Contrary to what many say, shaving will not make your beard grow fast. Let you beard grow completely before you go for a shave.

Finally, keep your face exfoliated, moisturized and clean, this allow fast and healthy hair growth. Exfoliating opens the pores and clears the hair follicles while moisturizing keeps your skin soft and healthy for faster hair growth. The use of moisturizers, shampoos and excoriates is highly recommended.

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